Claiming Your Listing

Bell Dentists works hard to provide accurate listings, making it easier for people to find you and your dental practice. As a result, all listings must be claimed by the relevant person before making alternations to the listing detail.


Claim your listing and then finalize your profile to maximize the visibility of your Bell Dentist's listing. Keep reading to discover how to claim your listing and get started today.


Log in to (or Register) Your Bell Dentists Account


Let's get started by locating the sign-in link at the top right of the homepage. Click this link to proceed, regardless of whether you have a Bell Dentists account or need to set one up.  



Enter your email and unique password, then click sign in to access your Bell Dentists' account.  


If you need to set up an account, click register next to "need an account?" at the bottom of the sign-in page. You will be taken to the "create an account" page, where you will enter your first and last name, email, and unique password. Then click "register" to continue.



Search For Your Listing


Now it's time to search for your listing within the hundreds of dental professionals found on the Bell Dentists directory. Using the search bar on the homepage, type your name and then click "search."



If you are unable to identify your listing in the directory, follow these steps to create your Bell Dentists listing.


Choose Your Listing from the Search Results


Your name will appear in the Bell Dentists' search results depending on the relevance to the words typed into the search bar. Simply choose your name to view the full listing details.



Claim Your Listing


This page allows you to view the listing information as it currently stands in the Bell Dentists directory. Click "claim listing" to proceed.



Pick Your Marketing Subscription Plan


Bell Dentists offers various marketing subscription plans to fit most budgets. These can be purchased monthly or annually for a discount. Compare plans and click on "select this plan" to select your preferred marketing plan.



Pay for Marketing Subscription Plan


Bell Dentists receive secure and fast payments through Stripe. Please verify your selected marketing subscription plan details before clicking on "pay with card."



And lastly, type a valid email address and your credit card information. Click on "pay" to make your payment. 



Directory Administrator Verification Process


After you click pay, Bell Dentists staff will be notified about your listing claim request. One of our administrators will, in turn, contact you to verify your request.


You can modify or update your Bell Dentists' dental listing after you have completed this verification process.


After reviewing this guide, we are here to help if you have any issues.

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