Creating Your Listing

Bell Dentists makes marketing your dental practice effortless. Follow these steps to see how quickly you can create your listing.


However, before you create a new listing, check if you have an existing Bell Dentists listing to claim.  


Create a Bell Dentists Listing


You must first log in to your Bell Dentists account with your active credentials or create a new account. To access the account holder dashboard, click the User icon located at the top of the homepage, followed by dashboard.


Next, click on "Create Listing" from the dashboard side menu.



This page will provide the dental marketing plan options. Determine which plan is right for your dental practice and click on the corresponding box to proceed.



Let's move on to the customization of your new Bell Dentists listing. Make it easier for patients to locate your practice and learn more about you with each piece of detail you provide.  


Include Geo-Location Details


Why are geo-location details essential to include in your Bell Dentists directory? Without this information, how will patients know how to find your office? Not to mention, how can search engines prioritize your dental office when people search for a "dentist near you?"


You can update your geo-location using one of the two methods. 1. Click the search icon to enter your address. 2. Use the zoom (+/-) to locate your practice on the map. Then, drop a pin by clicking on the exact location.



Include Basic Practice Details


Start with your name, and go down the page. Type in as much detail as feasible about your dental practice.



Dentist Name

Enter your complete professional name with any prefixes or credentials.


Dental Practice Name

Your legal business name should be entered here. This will ensure that it is consistent across all online directories such as Google My Business or Yelp. You can also scan your location to see how your practice is currently displayed online.



Add your business logo to the Bell Dentists directory for branding exposure. If you don't have a business logo, a headshot can be a great alternative. To upload an image, click "upload logo."



Enter your office address. Additionally, Bell Dentists allows you to enhance your location by adding cross streets and neighborhood names. Then, type the first letters of your city name for it to populate in the dropdown menu. Scroll down to pick your city.


Phone Numbers

Type your office phone number here and a WhatsApp number if available.


Include Descriptions, Websites, Social Media, and Hours



Short Description and Description

The short description section is a summary of your dental practice. Subsequently, the description section allows patients to learn more about you and your philosophy.



Enter your email address so patients can contact your office.


Business Website and Social Media

Type in your practice's website, especially if it can provide even more information or ways to schedule an appointment. Are you present on social media? Enter your profiles here to enhance branding. Make sure all URLs contain the HTTP HTTPS:// prefix.


Dental Specialization

Click on your primary specialization from this dropdown menu.



Keep your hours up-to-date to allow patients to find you during business hours.


Include Additional Information



License and State License

Patients doing their due diligence might use your license and licensing state as part of their research. Include it here.  


Additional Information

Patients might be searching for specific criteria; therefore, complete this section to ease their search.


Include Enhanced Multimedia


Upload photos and videos to the enhanced multimedia section to showcase your dental practice.




Click "browse" to search your device for the best photos to add to your listing.



Paste your video streaming service URLs like YouTube here. Then, click on the "+" to attach them to your listing.



Once you have updated and reviewed all possible details for your dental practice, click "submit listing."


How Did You Do?


Go to your Bell Dentists dashboard. Then, select "listings" and click on your name to see your final listing preview. This is an excellent opportunity to review and fix any clerical errors.



No Time? We Can Create It For You!


Busy running your dental practice? The team at Bell Dentists is here for you! Just create a Bell Dentists account and select your marketing subscription plan. Next, contact us. We will scan your account, letting you know the information needed to create a listing that most impacts your practice.